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Season 41 Coming Soon in 2016

Season 41 coming soon in 2016!

F1 Facts

F1 Fact
STALLING ON THE GRID,WHAT HAPPENS? --- BEFORE FORMATION LAP - If a driver stalls whilst the green light is on i.e.start of the formation lap, his mechanics are allowed to push the car to get it to start, once all the competitors have left the grid. Since overtaking is not permitted during the formation lap, he must start from the back of the grid. However, a driver who has had difficulty starting the car but who manages to leave before the last car has crossed the Start/Finish line is allowed to overtake during the formation lap and take up his original position on the grid. --- Sourced from

Season 39 Champion

Congratulations to Tim Butlerwho has won Season 39 of the AUSGPL championships. 

Tim showed his true class by winning all 10 races of the season to take home the bragging rights of being the Champion. Well done mate!!!

Season 40 Driver Standings

Steve Foster64
Matt Judson58
Shawn Brown55
David French41
Simon Brookman36
Peter Russell30
Peter Brock15
Mike Holland14

Qualifier Leader Board

59Craig Leech
44David French
39Ron Clegg
38Tim Butler
22Craig Larkin
21Daniel Judson
16Wayne Funston
13Göran Jonsson
12Marty Ellul
10Mike Holland
10Sean Mahon
9Reg Burke
9Leon Gritter
5Leigh Stokes
3Gilles Arlove
2David Trainer
2Simon Brookman
1Stefan Larsson
1Steve Foster
1Robin Jeffery
1Sean Keegan
1Uwe Jacobsen
1Warren Bennett
1Darrin Vouch
1Chris Bekas
1Chris Riley
1Craig Burns
1Hristo Itchov
1John LeMasurier
1Peter Russell
1Matt Judson