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About Racing has been formed by volunteer enthusiast to accomadate the sim racing driver in all of us. Formerly known as, we decided to change the name to in 2010 to refresh the image of this Grand Prix Legends Online League. is free to join and compete in. The only outlay of expenses is to purchase a copy of Grand Prix Legends which can be found from many online stores on the internet.

All driver ranks are welcomed here at from Rookie to World Record Holders, and the more experienced drivers are always more than happy to help out with newcomers to get them taking those corners faster..... The atmoshpere that is encouraged here is more about the battle of the race, than the taking of the checkered flag, although that is a nice bonus at the end of the night. Socializing and talking about your battles after the race is also rather popular here. 

We have 2 Racing formats, a Short Race Season and Enduro Race Season. The Short Race Season usually takes only 60 minutes to complete(30 minute qualifying and half Race distance) , while the Enduro Race Season takes Approx 100 minutes to complete(30 minute Qualifying and Full Race DIstance).

Replays of both the Practice and Race sessions will be posted shortly after each session on this web site.

Seasons normally consist of 10-12 tracks followed by a season break. Season schedules are posted on this site. The tracks we run each season are a blend of long and short circuits; we try to keep it exciting by mixing old and new tracks, the usual favourites like Monza and Silverstone along with some highly rated tracks from the GPL tracks database. Naturally, expect to see Australian tracks in our season too.

We have a dedicated GPL server and we use iGOR as the main way to connect to our GPL server - all you need is a decent internet connection (ADSL or better), that’s it!  We can provide the IP address upon request if you do not want to use iGOR.

For the moment, we haven’t formed any teams as such, so you are free to drive the car of your choice regardless of your GPL experience or your GPL ranking although handicapping for the faster guys is sometimes imposed to promote closer, more challenging racing for all. We may decide to introduce teams if we have a sufficient amount of players wanting to merge into teams in the future.