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Season 2 Enduro Racing

The Enduro Season will be starting off with the 1965 F1 racing cars. Please make sure that you have your ‘65 mod installed before joining this season.

The tracks have been selected from the Alternate Track Database at random. Click on the links to download each track from the Alt Track Database and don’t forget to click on the ‘SRMZ’ button (where available)  to get updates for the track. Check the schedule below for dates and race lengths. Also, if you are a member of this site, you can schedule email reminders of practice and race sessions. This can be done from the home page with the calendar down the left hand side of the page.
Below is are the restrictions in place for this season
Race night  - Every second Tuesday night starting 8pm EDT (+10 GMT)4th May 2010.
Qualifying - 30 mins (Hot lap format)
Race - (approx 40 mins)
Cars - '65 mod set. No restrictions or handicaps yet and you are not locked into one chassis/engine for the season. Each race meeting, you can select the '65 car of your choice but cannot change this car once you have entered into that individual race meeting.

Damage level  -  Realistic - No shift-R allowed.Please note all Enduro races will be in Pro Long mode which means NO Shift-R allowed and full damage. This should now pay benefit to those that have the "steady as you go" attitude instead of the "go hard and fast" seen in the short race season.

This season promises to be very interesting and any comments on improving the new format are more than welcome for debate.

Round Track Race Date Laps
 1 Jacarepagua  4/5/2010  24
 2 Lime Rock Park  18/5/2010  46
 3 Oran Park - (RIP)  1/6/2010  39
 4 Round to be rescheduled to end of Season (Daytona  1970 - dropped)  Dropped  51
 4 Spa Francorchamps 1967 15/6/2010  13
 5 Amaroo 13/7/2010  50
 6 Willow Springs  27/7/2010  33
 7 Targa Florio  10/8/2010 2