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AusGPL Rules & Requirements

AusGPL Rules & Requirements

  1. General

    1. All drivers need to have GPL patched to version We do not use the 60fps patch in our races
    2. Damage mode: Intermediate. Use of Shift-R is allowed.
    3. Use of voice chat applications is allowed during practice only; refrain from general chat during qualifying/race as it can distract drivers.
    4. Use of an engine swapper utility is not permitted; if it’s found you’re doing so, you’ll be terminated from the league.
  2. General Behaviour

    1. Most important rule: Think before you make any move that could endanger you and most importantly another driver. Show respect towards fellow league members on and off the track.
    2. Any contacts, at the start and into turn 1 will be scrutinized VERY CLOSELY. If it’s found (by the race director and/or judge panel) that a driver is responsible for a wreck of any type or size, he’ll start from the back of the grid in the next race.
    3. Never run into the back of someone in front of you. If you are behind then you have the responsibility to drive in a manner that will not lead to you running into a car ahead; the only exception would be where an incident is caused from an engine blow-out from a car in front, as it may not allow enough time for following drivers to react.
    4. When you see a yellow flag, do not pass. Pass the area that is under yellow with as much caution as possible. Resume as per normal when you see the green flag.
    5. Lapping a car: The slower car should move over, but doesn’t need to do this in an unsafe fashion. Give the lapped car time to move out of the way in a safe manner. The slower car should make every effort to let the lapping car by (at least within 1 lap) without putting up any risky fight for position.
    6. Make a good habit of announcing when you’re coming out on the track from the pit lane with a ‘Pit-out’ through Roger Wilco. If RW is unavailable, use a ‘PO’ text command to announce your pit-out.
  3. Practice & Racing Times

    1. A Practice Session is held every Wednesday night at 8:00PM AEST(+10 UTC) with the track that will be used on Sunday night.
    2. Races are held every Sunday night at 8:00 PM AEST (that is +10 UTC); if you’re having difficulties with your timezone and we get a reasonable amount of requests to change the times, we may decide to do so to enable more players to join the league.
  4. Qualifying session

    1. Qualifying sessions will last for 30 minutes.
    2. Qualifying follows the same track behaviour rules outline for the races.
    3. In addition, drivers on their outlap should pay special attention to their mirrors to avoid interfering with drivers who are already on hot tires. Move over if you see cars gaining on you until you get up to full speed.
    4. Use of Shift-R in the Practice/qualify session is highly discouraged. It can wreck other people’s hotlaps. Escape to rejoin the event from pit lane if your car is disabled.
  5. Points system

    1. All finishers in a race will be awarded points as follows (as of Season 20 onwards):

1st: 25 pts
2nd: 21 pts
3rd: 16 pts
4th: 16 pts
5th: 15 pts
6th: 14 pts
7th: 13 pts
8th: 12 pts
9th: 11 pts
10th: 10 pts
11th: 9 pts
12th: 8 pts
13th: 7 pts
14th: 6 pts
15th: 5 pts
16th: 4 pts
17th: 3 pts
18th: 2 pts
19th: 1 pts
20th: 0 pts