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Online Track Blacklist

The list below is a list of tracks where we have encountered issues when racing online. This list is not to say they are bad or unenjoyable tracks to drive, but with them used online, we have suffered more than one disconnection or screen freeze.


Track Name Details
Bathurst Dedicated server completely froze after 22 laps disconnecting everyone.
Cadwell During our practice sessions, 2 drivers suffered screen freezes and mulitple drivers suffered FPS spikes and even some lag off the starting grid.
Oran Park 2 Drivers suffered screen freezes after only a couple of laps. This seemed to quite common that a couple of drivers would be disco'ed for this reason. They also suffered this in offline practice as well.
The Moon Server froze, Client got black screen - only 1 active car on the server.
 Parco de Valentino - Turin 55  During a practice session and also during online racing, encountered severe screen freezes which resulted in over 75% having to disconnect throughout the race.
 Solitude-Ring  Many a disconnection/lockup, some at start of race and others near end of an 11 lap race. Half the field (12 racers) were still able to run in the end though
Wigram Had 7 drivers with screen freeze all at approx the same time 2/3rds of a 22 lap race..