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Season 21 Points Table

Short Season Points Table

All Starters in a race will be awarded points as follows:

1st: 25 pts
2nd: 21 pts
3rd: 18 pts
4th: 16 pts
5th: 15 pts
6th: 14 pts
7th: 13 pts
8th: 12 pts
9th: 11 pts
10th: 10 pts
11th: 9 pts
12th: 8 pts
13th: 7 pts
14th: 6 pts
15th: 5 pts
16th: 4 pts
17th: 3 pts
18th: 2 pts
19th: 1 pts
20th: 0 pts

Starters are defined as a driver that passes the start finish line at least once (including drop of green flag)