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Season 30 Schedule

This season will be held running the 1966 Mod.


Standard Rules of once a chassis is selected during a race, it is to be used for the entire season.

Click on the links to download each track from the Alt Track Database and don’t forget to click on the ‘SRMZ’ button (where available)  to get updates for the track. Check the schedule below for dates and race lengths. Please note that most races have been extended beyond the default Int Long race length to ensure 35-40 min races.

Also, if you are a member of this site, you can schedule email reminders of practice and race sessions. This can be done from the home page with the calendar down the left hand side of the Home page

Round Number Track Race Date Laps
1 Mexico 9 Sept 2012 ??
2 Monaco 16 Sept 2012 ??
3 Brands Hatch 23 Sept  2012 ??
4 Bathust - Mt Panorama 30 Sept  2012 ??
5 Reims 7 Oct 2012 ??
6 Nurburgring 14 Oct 2012 ??
7 Zandvoort 21 Oct 2012 ??
8 Spa 67 28 Oct 2012 ??
9 Watkins Glen 4 Nov 2012 ??
10 Monza 11 Nov 2012 ??
Champs Choice TBA 18 Nov 2012 ??















List of Backup Tracks in the event of Online incompatability

Track Name