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Season1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceMod Used
Season 39Tim ButlerMatt JudsonShawn Brown65's
Season 38Mike HollandTim ButlerCraig Burns69Xtra
Season 37Matt JudsonDan JudsonTim Butler66's
Season 36Tim ButlerMike HollandShawn BSports
Season 35Craig Leech  67-F2's
Season 34Tim ButlerSimon BrookmanMatt JudsonSports
Season 33Craig LeechDaniel JudsonMike Holland69Xtra
Season 32Craig LeechMike HollandTim Butler65's
Season 31Göran JonssonTim ButlerLeon Gritter67's
Season 30Tim ButlerMarty EllulMike Holland66's
Season 29Craig LeechTim ButlerMike Holland65's
Season 28Craig LeechGöran JonssonDaniel Judson67-F2's
Season 27Göran JonssonMike HollandMatt Judson66's
Season 26Craig LarkinMike HollandTim ButlerSports
Season 25Mike HollandRon Clegg & Craig LeechGöran Jonsson69Xtra
Season 24Leon GritterMike HollandGöran Jonsson65's
Season 22Craig LarkinDavid FrenchGöran Jonsson67's
Season 21Craig LarkinLeon GritterGöran JonssonTC's
Enduro2Sean MahonDavid FrenchGöran Jonsson65's
Season 20David FrenchCraig BurnsGöran Jonsson66's
Season 19Daniel JudsonGöran Jonsson & Mike HollandLeon Gritter69's
Enduro 1Leon GritterGöran JonssonTim Butler66's
18Craig LarkinLeon GritterCraig Burns65's
17Tim ButlerWayne FunstonDavid French66's
16Leigh StokesSean MahonLeon Gritter69's
15Leon GritterDavid FrenchTim Butler65's
14David FrenchLeon GritterCraig Burns66's
13Leon Gritter  69's
12Leon Gritter  69's
11Leon Gritter  66's
10Leon Gritter  69's
9Leon GritterRon Clegg 65's
8Ron CleggSimon Brookman 65's
7Craig Leech  65's
6Leon Gritter  65's
5Leon GritterRon CleggWayne Funston65's
4Leon GritterRon CleggMark Wendt65's
3Ron CleggCraig LeechDavid Trainer65's
2Ron Clegg  65's
1Tim Butler  65's

Hall Of Fame

This page displays the 3 best drivers of each season. Congratulations to all who have made it here and hopefully some new aspiring drivers will reach it soon....